With your financial support, we are able to directly help these families.  Monetary donations are the best way to help. Please consider sponsoring a family or a portion of the time we spend with an Angel’s family. Click here to help today.


If you are unable to make a financial donation at this time, please consider an item donation for use in our fundraisers. Examples include game tickets, memberships, movie tickets, gift certificates, art, and other items that can be given as door prizes, raffles, or auctioned to help us raise needed funds. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.


Volunteers are needed for our fundraising and family support events. Consider joining our guild or hosting an event.

Where donations go

Angels Among Us uses our resources to directly help families in need. Through our vigorous screening process, we ensure that your donations go to families who need assistance the most.

Additionally, Angels Among Us pays bills directly to the company the family owes so that you can be sure that your donations are used responsibly.  As always, we are seeking to reduce outside stresses on the family as much as possible so that they can focus on their child.

To date, Angels Among Us has helped over 300 families with financial assistance totaling over $1,250,000.  Below is a list of some types of stress you helped alleviate.

  • Utility Support
  • Rent Assistance
  • Telephone
  • Transportation
  • Medical Bills
  • Auto Insurance
  • Respite Care
  • Prescriptions
  • Funeral Expenses

What cancer means to a family

Often, treatment for cancer in children is deemed “experimental”, and is thus not covered by insurance. This, coupled with the already burdensome medical bills associated with cancer, leads to an enormous amount of additional stress for the family.

Due to these expenses, parents often cannot afford to take any additional time off to spend with their children during their ordeal. Not only that, but the additional expenses can also lead to a loss of car or residence, and can even prevent the child from receiving experimental treatments that could lead to a cure.

How does your support help? At Angels Among Us we work with families for nearly a year with the things that cause them the most financial heartburn.

Sometimes it’s a cell phone so mom can stay in touch with her other children, or a mobility device in the family mini-van so their child can come home after a day of heavy treatments, or the rent so their’s a place to come home to.

Our support is generally limited to $6,000 for each family (one year). An exception is made if another child in the family is diagnosed with cancer, there is room on the waiting list and there is an additional and exceptional situation, or a donor makes a gift specifically naming a family.

$6,000 supports a family for ten months

$3,000 supports a family for six months

$1,500 supports a family for three months

$500 supports a family for one month

$125 supports a family for one week

You can donate now by clicking the DONATE button located on the top right side of this page.

With questions regarding donations, please call us at 402.934-0999 or email

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