Mission & History

Direct Support

We use your support to directly help families in need.

Did you know that 1 in 11 families battling a childhood cancer illness will declare bankruptcy?  Angels Among Us, in cooperation with the social workers at local hospitals identify families in need and those families go through an application process.  Once approved, families are supported with up to $500 per month for up to one year.  And we ensure that your donations go to families who are in the most need of assistance. Additionally, Angels Among Us pays bills directly to the company the family owes so that you can be sure that your donations are used responsibly.

Our  mission is to reduce financial burdens on the family as much as possible so that they can focus on their child. To date, Angels Among Us has helped over 300 families paying out over $1,250,000. Below is a list of some of our families most stressful situations we’ve been able to help with:

  • Electric, gas, sewer, water to keep the lights on and the water running,
  • Rent and mortgage payments so kids have a home to go home to after treatments,
  • Phone and internet so families can stay connected to their support systems,
  • Auto payments, insurance, gas cards, plates, and repairs so families can get to and from work and hospital appointments,
  • Medical bills and prescriptions to keep treatments going, and 
  • Day-Care so every body has a place to go.

Sometimes, a family faces their worst fears and we assist with funeral expenses.

Please, consider supporting a family today by clicking the donate button.

Our History

Angels Among Us incorporated in April 2006 and received 501c3 status in June of the same year. Currently, Angels Among Us works with the families of children being treated for cancer at hospitals in Nebraska (even if these families reside in other states) as well as Nebraska residents that must go out of state for treatment.

Through the tireless efforts of our board and volunteers, Angels Among Us has distributed over $1,250,000 to over 300 families in need. We will continue to grow as an organization, and with the continued dedication of our community, there is no end in sight.

Stewardship of Public Trust

Angels Among Us takes the stewardship of public trust very seriously. We are committed to upholding your trust through our commitment to the community to operate in an efficient and ethical manner. We adhere to a system of checks and balances, and are accountable through an audit and oversight by the board of directors.

We produce an annual report to keep you informed about the impact Angels Among Us makes in Nebraska and Iowa. Download a copy here , or request one by calling 402-934-0999.

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