Angels Among Us is a proud member of The LiFT Network. As a LiFT Network Member, we are committed to collaborating with our nonprofit peers to deliver stronger, more effective support programs to the families we serve. We are proud to be a part of this impactful group of cancer nonprofits leading the way in eliminating the financial barriers that too many cancer patients face.


Services The LiFT Network is helping to provide to our pediatric cancer families:

Financial Education
A free digital copy of The LiFT Network’s Financial Guidebook will be emailed to patients/families after their
application is submitted, as well as included in Angels Among Us’ family bags.

The Guidebook includes:

  • Costs and saving options to consider
  • Easy action steps to follow
  • Checklists for estimating personal costs
  • Advice from patients and caregivers
  • List of vetted financial resources

Resource Navigation
A Resource Navigator is assigned to each application to identify which resources will be the most helpful to a family based on their individual needs.

Navigation may include:

  • Support from in-kind partners for temporary lodging, transportation, and more
  • Guidance on government policies like SNAP benefits and social security
  • Referrals to other financial programs

Financial Coaching

This free service was developed in partnership with the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA). It was created specifically for cancer patients and their families. It’s completely free for any cancer patient or caregiver to join– all ages, diagnoses and income levels are eligible. No matter that a family’s income level is, a financial coach can guide them to make the best financial decisions.

The financial planner will make recommendations to help:

  • Organize finances
  • Decide which bills to pay first
  • Keep up with payments
  • Reduce debt
  • Consider cost-saving

The Financial Treatment Program that The LiFT Network provides is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The service matches patients and families with a pro-bono Certified Financial Planner professional who will serve as their financial coach to help them make the best financial decisions. Angels Among Us thrilled to be partnering with this organization to better care for all of our families!

To learn more about The LiFT Network please visit