Baby Jameson and his brave battle

Jameson was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma when he was only 4 months old in October of 2018. Jameson has been brave and handled treatment very well. He has been off treatment since May of 2019 and celebrated his first birthday this summer. He is quickly becoming a toddler and enjoying everything there is to learn through playing and exploring.

“We continue to monitor his progress with monthly tests and scans every three months. So far they’ve been wonderful,” says Jameson’s mom, Rachel.

Rachel went on to say, “Angels Among Us was the first charity I was made aware of after Jameson’s diagnosis. Their assistance was immediate and abundant. The financial stresses a cancer diagnosis can have on a family are immense. When our world stopped turning, the rest of the world continued to revolve and the bills and responsibilities did not stop when our life as we knew it stopped. Angels Among Us made no hesitation in stepping up and offering the help we so desperately needed. Through Angels Among Us we were also connected with other families walking the same path. The companionship and connections made continue to help us feel like we’re not alone in this.”

Angels Nation continues to send the Camp family love and support!