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VirtuActive Gives Back

VirtuActive partners with Angels Among Us to support local pediatric cancer families.

VirtuActive launched a campaign to raise donations from the local community and raised over $20,000! 

This will support one family for over 3 years, or even 3 families for over 1 year. How incredible! 

Thank you to VirtuActive for your dedication to giving back to your community and making an impact for local pediatric cancer families. We are so grateful for this partnership!


Who is VirtuActive 3D Drafting & Design?

They specialize in designing floor plans, existing spaces, remodels and renderings in a 3D environment. They utilize leading edge software to help their clients visualize their plans in a way that allows them to clearly communicate their wants & needs during the design process. Learn more about them at their website.

A message from VirtuActive's CEO, Dave Lakin

"I was blessed to have been introduced to Angels Among us at an event about 3 years ago and was immediately moved by the family that spoke to us. I believe most of us want to be a part of something that serves a greater good, and being able to attend and participate in many of the AAU events has allowed me to be a part of that. Now we have an opportunity to be an even bigger part of creating more awareness to support a family that needs help. It's for an incredible cause and our team, our clients, and our small community of folks will have the opportunity to be a part of an amazing organization and be a part of serving a family that can use support during a difficult time."