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Support Groups

Support Groups

Family support and caregiver support networks are a must for those battling pediatric cancer. Here are some that will help tell your story and keep you connected to your loved ones.

Cancer affects the whole family.

Often, cancer treatments for children are deemed “experimental” and are not covered by insurance. This, coupled with already burdensome medical bills, leads to an enormous amount of financial stress for all members of the family.

Children whose parents and siblings have sacrificed so much to fight cancer often experience guilt for playing on a soccer league or sticking with dance lessons or needing a new pair of shoes. Your monetary support allows them to worry less and enjoy more because now Mom and Dad can do the same.

  • This private Facebook group is only for cancer parents to be members of. It's a place to share your story, ask for opinions and suggestions, connect with families who are going through similar things, and a place to go for support. You must request to be a member and we will approve.

  • offers support for families grieving an illness and organizes activities for children based on the appropriate age.

  • This coalition of Nebraska organizations is working to provide support, advocate, and ultimately end childhood cancer. Members of this organization provide resources for your family, give you ways to advocate, and even learn more about support research projects. Need a place to stay? Bills paid? Or want to connect with an organization that's advocating for change? This is the best place to go!

  • provides housing, meals and support services to families who are away from home due to medical treatment of a child regardless of their ability to pay.