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When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life seems to stop. Expenses don’t.
That’s where we come in.


Imagine if you heard those words.

For 60 to 80 families in Nebraska, this year those words will become a horrifying reality.
These families experience immediate emotional stress, and it is closely followed by the financial reality of the burden a pediatric cancer diagnosis will bring.

Imagine if…you had to travel to a hospital a few hours away from your home for countless days a month for your child to receive the treatment they need.

Imagine if…on top of your child now fighting for their life, that your family income was cut nearly in half due to one caregiver having to leave a job.

What if you could no longer make ends meet? What if you could no longer pay your mortgage, rent, or car payment for the car you need to get your child to treatment?

What if we told you that YOU can help ease the burden for a family whose child has cancer?

You can.

There are Angels Among Us. Be One today.